James is a graduate of Bonita Springs School of Massage and became a Licensed Massage Therapist because of his strong passion to help others achieve an optimal state of wellbeing. The everyday stresses that we experience will inevitably weigh us down, causing both our mind and body to become unbalanced, run down, and in many cases – stiff or in pain. It is through James’s training, experience, and the vast difference in health structures and needs of his clients, that he has successfully learned how to use his hands as therapeutic tools. James will gently soothe away stress and aches by loosening the muscles through soothing and thorough strokes, replacing the tension with relaxation and an overall sense of wellbeing.

TMBJS2“The best part about being a massage therapist is knowing that when my clients leave the session they feel restored, energized, balanced, and more aware of their body. I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and that the more you know about what might be causing you discomfort, the faster we can get you on track to a healthier you.”

                                                                                         –      James Truitt, LMT